I have decided to make myself available for those who wish to commission my artistic services to create a piece of art that will grace their hallways for decades to come. Commissioning me is not getting a photo session done. While I may use a camera as my tool of choice, I am an artist who is creating a detailed piece for you and your family to cherish.

Why do I want to make the distinction clear? Because a photo session typically involves a photographer who will take many pictures of your family all posed in similar fashion. What you receive from me is something to hang on your walls and enjoy for years to come. The goal is to create a singular high quality image that will capture the essence of your legacy through composition, light, and storytelling. I orchestrate the entire process and in the end you will be able to select how to print your image. I understand that it is normal for people to get a wide variety of images when a camera is involved. However, you are coming to me because you value quality over quantity. The images I create are meant to be printed on large archival mediums. 

If you are interested in learning more about how I can create a timeless image for you and your family please email us to learn more. Something to note is that I do not do senior portraits, weddings, newborn images, etc.